4 Tips to Select The Right Flooring for Your Home

Every time you enter your home you notice your floors. They look old and are always dirty. Keeping your floors looking right has become a difficult task. If you can’t properly maintain your floors, you may fall out of love with the floors in your home. Perhaps, the floors have been like that even before you moved to your new home. You look at the possibilities of what can be done and become excited about the idea of updating the flooring in your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

When we moved to our house, we sanded and renovated the original wood floor. We also have added Cuban tiles to the bathrooms because we love that style. Do you have a favorite style that you would like to incorporate into your spaces?

How to select flooring for your home?

Well, there are few things that you want to have in mind when thinking about upgrading your floors.

Think about the different materials

There are so many options! Really. So, what are you looking for your floors? If you don’t know the answer to this question, you might need to do some research. Materials can affect your budget, and, of course, the final product.

It is not a bad idea to find some home flooring ideas from different sources. You can use online resources or personal recommendations.

Select your style

Rely on social media and other websites to get ideas for your new floors.

Our style is modern and straightforward without adding too many textures and colors to our home. Why? Because we like a clean look, easy to clean and maintain.

Set your Budget, but give yourself some flexibility.

Choose a flooring contractor you can connect with

Selecting the best flooring installation company in Miami for you is your next step. We have news selecting a flooring contractor can be the most critical part of making the whole process as smooth as it can be.

Price is always one of the primary requirements for all of us. Yes, it would be nice to have an unlimited budget, but this is almost never the case. However, in some instances, paying a little bit more to get an excellent service can be extremely beneficial.

Ask questions, lots of questions and be aware of the aftercare and the process requirements

Here is a list of sample questions you should ask your flooring contractor:

About the flooring installation:

  • How long will the process take?
  • Can they work after hours or on weekends in case it is needed?
  • When is the best time for them to come to your house?
  • Do you need to move your furniture before the crew arrives?
  • If you are doing other construction or remodeling, when is the best time for them to come? Usually, flooring should be left for last because the new floors can get ruined as different teams come to your home to work.

About the materials:

  • Ask about durability and maintenance requirements. Selected flooring materials are more delicate than others and have to be carefully clean.
  • Think about your different spaces and the traffic you are expecting them to have. For example, the kitchen is often one of the most visited places in a house. The flooring in the kitchen should be durable and resistant.
  • If you are clear about what to expect with the material you’re choosing, you are probably going to be pleased with the final product.


If you are ready to renovate your flooring, start thinking about the different floor materials you can use based on your style and budget.

To be successful, be sure to hire a flooring contractor or installation company you feel comfortable with.

Ask as many questions as you can, remember having clear expectations about the process, results, and aftercare will make you happy at the end.