A Look at Travertine Floors

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Travertine is a type of limestone, used for flooring purposes. Travertine is formed when decomposed minerals are deposited on the surface via hot springs, geysers or rivers. Travertine can also be used for making marble.

Basically, travertine flooring is a kind of stone flooring, which is highly suitable for most home and office settings.

Travertine floor tiles are created in four fashions, namely polished, brushed, honed and tumbled. Polished tiles have a shiny look, whereas honed tiles posses a matte finish. Brushed and tumbled on the other hand, have a textured appearance. Although softer than marble, travertine is still highly durable. Apart from this, travertine is well known for its beauty and elegance. Travertine has been in use since a long time, and you can easily find travertine flooring in old heritage buildings. Travertine tiles are available in different colors and designs, such as gold, walnut, ivory, making them suitable for almost all your decoration needs. Apart from this, travertine is relatively easy to install.

One thing about travertine tiles that shouldn’t be missed is that travertine floors help you create a healthful environment. However, for that it is necessary to have a sealant added to your travertine tiles. Sealed travertine tiles don’t allow dirt, dust, and harmful gaseous odors to accumulate on their porous surface. This also helps you maintain the look of travertine tiles for a long time, as they don’t get stained easily.

It should be realized beforehand that travertine does have a few disadvantages associated with them. The main issue with travertine is that, when unsealed, it is highly susceptible to harmful liquids such as acids. Furthermore, unsealed travertine tiles should not be used in kitchen areas as the greases and oils can easily seep in its pores, resulting in staining. Lastly, with regards to polished tiles, these can become dangerously slippery when wet and therefore, shouldn’t be used in high traffic areas and bathrooms.

Although prices vary significantly depending on where you live, on an average, travertine tiles cost about $5 to $10 per square foot. To achieve the optimal look, it is crucial that the flooring option you choose is well suited for your place. Therefore, it is highly important that you get in touch with a professional before making a decision.

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