Extravagant Flooring Options

  1. modern bedroom with hardwood floor

Looking at big famous movie stars, we all wonder how it would be like to live their lifestyle.Having all the fame, money and luxuries in life, we all envy these Hollywood folks. Although we cannot bring much similarity in our lives as compared to these celebrities, we can, nevertheless, have a place full of exuberance and luxury to fulfill our exotic needs and desires. Here are certain luxury flooring options you should definitely check out.

One of the most popular flooring panels to choose from is quartz tiles. It is important to fully appreciate the characteristics of these tiles to acknowledge the value of this material. Quartz tiles are not made of natural stones like marble or granite, instead these are artificially engineered by making use of quartz, crystals, mirror chips, resin and other materials.

This results in a shiny glossy look that is extremely pleasing to the eye. These materials are highly reliable, and normal wear and tear doesn’t affect their quality or look. This is an excellent option for your commercial as well as residential décor.

Another option that you can choose to look at is vinyl floor panels. Vinyl was first invented in the 1930’s, and it has continued to be in use ever since. Known for their exceptional resilience, vinyl tiles are water resistant, scratch resistant and extremely durable.

Vinyl tiles come in varying styles and shapes to meet your interior décor needs. In the market, you can also get a hold of hypoallergenic vinyl tiles to create a healthful environment. Vinyl tiles come in varying prices, depending upon brand and quality, and you should choose the ones you find most suitable.

One last flooring option that you shouldn’t miss is that of wooden floor panels. Although the look of wooden panels can be replicated by making use of wooden style laminated panels, the elegance and class you get from using real wood floor panels is like no other.

Wooden floors come in two types, hardwood and engineered wood floors. Wooden floors require a lot of upkeep, nevertheless, their benefits outweigh their detriments. If you prefer to give a classical look to your commercial or residential setting, then wooden floor is the way to go.

Many other options available can give your place an extravagant look. You should check these out as well. Hopefully, with proper flooring at your place, you can also imagine yourself as a celebrity.