Home Flooring by Space

Each area in your home is going to have different requirements when talking flooring and home floor materials. Modern Flooring Miami by Tosca Surfaces can provide professional advice for all types of rooms and special spaces in your home.

Simple and Modern Concrete Floor in Bedroom

Selecting the right kitchen floor

The kitchen floor must be practical and durable. There are so many materials that will allow you to have a kitchen floor that is practical, durable and at the same time chic. Modern Flooring Miami makes possible to choose from a variety of materials, colors and textures. Natural stones, vinyl tiles and hardwood are among your options.

Kitchen Floor Most Wanted Features: Easy to clean, Scratch Resistant, Low Maintenance.

Selecting the right bathroom floor

Your personal preferences are important when choosing a bathroom floor. Modern Flooring Miami can help you make sure the flooring materials you choose do well when wet, that stains are easily removable, that is easy to clean and that you won’t slip on it. Make sure the flooring material you choose is not too sensible to heat or moisture.

Bathroom Floor Most Wanted Features: Waterproof, Anti-slippery and Easy to Clean.

Selecting the right bedroom floor

The first thing you need to have in mind when choosing a bedroom floor is the climate. You need a floor that feels comfortable to the bare feet. It needs to be able to offer you comfort depending on the room temperature. You should always consider your personal style and functionality. Modern Flooring Miami can help you through the selection process to make sure your new bedroom floor makes you feel relaxed and gives a modern look to the room.

Bedroom Floor Most Wanted Features: Comfortable, Anti-slippery and Sound Proof.

Selecting the right living room floor

Your personal style is paramount when choosing a living room floor. Modern Flooring Miami will help with finding a floor that looks super nice and is durable at the same time. The floors in your living room can make a huge impact on your visitors. Living rooms can be done in many types of floors unlike bathrooms and kitchens. Remember to think about the different adjectives that go better with your style and personality like for instance classic, modern, old-fashioned, minimalist, etc,., when choosing the floor for your living area.

Living Room Floor Most Wanted Features: Lifestyle Fitting, Comfortable, and Scratch Resistant.

Selecting the right dining room floor

Elegance and durability are the main two words to have in mind when choosing your dining room floor. Keep in mind that food spills and chairs being moved around frequently can damage most types of floors. 

Dining Room Floor Most Wanted Features: Lifestyle Fitting, Easy to Clean, and Heavy Duty.

Selecting the right outdoor room floor

Outdoor flooring can be a huge project for any new home or renovation project. In order to get inspiration, it’s highly advised to take a look a current trends in magazines and blogs. Outdoor flooring offers a lot of potential to showcase different styles, including mediterranean, traditional and modern. There are many environmentally friendly outdoor floors that you can also have in mind. Popular materials are natural stone, limestone, sandstone, bamboo, and hardwood.

Outdoor Area Floor Most Wanted Features: Heavy Duty and Water Resistant.

Selecting the right family room floor

Family rooms need to be comfortable and relaxing. The floors in your family room need to invite you to take your shoes off and relax. If you have children, you should have in mind that family room floors are usually used to play and should offer certain advantages like being spill resistant and easy to clean. Let your imagination unfold when choosing a modern-style floor for you family room.

Family Room Floor Most Wanted Features: Easy to Clean, Comfortable and Fun.

Selecting the right office floor

While choosing the home office flooring, you have to consider many things. There are many options for home office flooring, including materials like marble, tile, mosaic, microcement, concrete or wood. The kind of furniture you are going to use in your home office should be part of your decision. For instance, wheeled chairs require flooring that is good enough to allow easy movement and is perfectly leveled.

Home Office Floor Most Wanted Features: Easy Movement, Business Oriented and Sound proof.