Surfaces & Materials


Modern Flooring Miami by Tosca Surfaces specializes in flooring materials and installation, along with a variety of surfaces for homes and commercial spaces. Our surfaces services include: Floors, Walls, Backsplashes, Pools, Facades, CountertopsShowers, Sinks, and more.

You’ll have access to traditional flooring materials like natural stones, tiles, mosaics, and porcelain tiles as well as to trendy, modern materials such as concrete floor stain, microcement, artistic concrete, antique limestone, architectural finishes, cement-look porcelain tiles, and more.

Flooring Materials


A very attractive and affordable flooring solution is microcement. It is something to consider as an alternative to polished concrete floors and when looking for a modern feeling and green solutions. Microcement can be utilize in both new build and restoration projects. For restoration projects, it might be ideal in order to avoid demolition or removal of the original material. Microcement offers durability and adaptability.

Natural Stones

Natural Stones can be gorgeous, extremely durable and are usually associated with luxury.  Marble, Travertine, Limestone and Granite are among the most popular Natural Stones in  the market. Nowadays, Natural Stones are more affordable than ever thanks to advances in the technology use to extract and fabricate the floors. Natural Stones can be bought in slabs than go to a fabrication department to be cut, shaped and polished into costume solutions. 

Natural Stone flooring can help you increase the resale value of your property.

Synthetic stone options are also available. This material is less expensive the traditional Natural Stone.


Mosaics are great for swimming pools, bathrooms, backsplash areas, and external wall coverings. Modern Flooring Miami offers a wide selection of kitchen and bathroom mosaics. Mosaics are ideal when you are looking for something special and decorative and can be art pieces for your home or garden. Custom mosaics are also available in the market.

Cuban & Cement Tiles

Cuban tiles can give any space a very unique touch. Cuban tiles are made of cement. This type of cement tile is extremely resistant and frequently handmade. Cuban tiles can last a lifetime. Colorful designs, durability and versatility are the main benefits of using Cuban tile in your floors.

We also specialize on porcelain cement-look tiles for those interested on a modern polished, artistic concrete look.

Architectural Finishes

Our architectural finishes services can completely transform spaces for people working on renovation projects or trying to give a different accent to a residential or commercial space. Our architectural finishes services include: architectural wall finish, decorative lime-based coating, decorative textured trowel coating, mineral plaster, and Venetian plaster.