What You Need To Know About Cuban and Cement Tile Floors in Miami

  1. Cuban Cement Tile Miami

Cuban tiles can give any space a very unique touch. Cuban tiles are made of cement. This type of cement tile is extremely resistant. They can truly last a lifetime.  The reason why Cuban tiles are so strong is because they are cement tiles made with hydraulic presses, which means that if the get chipped or worn down the pattern in the tile will remain minimizing the damage. This type of tile is frequently handmade.

Cuban tiles are ideal for home spaces like kitchens, hallways and bathrooms. They can also give an outdoor space an attractive look. Cuban tile floors work beautifully in commercial spaces like stores and restaurants. This flooring option is commonly found in Miami’s famous 8th street.

A Look at the Benefits of Cement and Cuban Tiles

Colorful designs, durability and versatility are the main benefits of using Cuban tile in your floors.

Traditional Meets Contemporary Floor Styles

Cuban tiles are perfectly suited for floors in Miami, FL because they give spaces a tropical feel. When done right, Cuban tiles may also complement modern spaces by bringing together traditional and contemporary styles.

Tosca Surfaces and Cement/Cuban Tile Floors

At Tosca Surfaces, we’re big fans on Cuban tile floors. We believe in their power to create beautiful, unique spaces.

If you are interested in a free consultation for flooring installation or would like to get more information on Cuban/cement tiles, contact Tosca Surfaces by calling at 786.444.2921 or at info@toscasurfaces.com.