Your Guide to Marble Floor Panels

With so many options to choose from, getting flooring done can be a burdensome task. It is important therefore, to have some knowledge of certain flooring materials. This way you can assess whether they suit your needs and can help you achieve the optimal look for your place. The following article is about marble floor tiles, and why you should choose them to fulfill your flooring needs.

For most homeowners, marble is their first choice. This is mainly because not only are they aesthetic in nature, they also have a long life. You must have noticed the pleasant and calm look of marble floored rooms, and the cool atmosphere that dwells therein. Palaces in tropical regions have also made use of marble tiles in order to create a temperate environment. Because of their unmatched beauty and durability, marble tiles are recommended by most experts for residential settings. It is also worth noting that marble floors come in various colors and designs, making them suitable for almost every individual’s preferences. The places where marble tiles are best suited are doorways, entrances, halls, kitchens and bathrooms.

As with most flooring options, marble tiles also have certain disadvantages that you should be aware of. Although marble tiles help you lower the temperature of your room, this can be significantly detrimental in winters. This makes marble floors entirely unsuitable for houses and buildings in cold regions. Moreover, marble tiles require some amount of effort on your part regarding their upkeep. Marble tiles can get easily stained, and these stains can be quite difficult to remove. Marble floors, therefore, are also unsuitable for places where a lot of movement takes place. Lastly, not exactly a disadvantage, nevertheless, it is worth stating that marble floors are quite difficult to install, requiring you to get professional help.

Marble floor tiles are generally expensive. Nevertheless, costs vary significantly depending on brand and quality. Generally, the larger the stone used the higher the price. The average cost per square foot of marble is $4 to $8. Hopefully, with this information in mind, you would have a better idea whether marble floors suits your flooring needs or not.

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